Blue Calico Days

Written by: Swairik Das

A picture I'll never forget
In my heart her smile is still a lasting bless
And I can't help but think of those days
When we walked along the calico ways.
The clock, the gong and my dismay
Ticking towards the sorriest days,
And I can't stop the time running away
She will be gone when I'll realize
That am walking alone along the wispy ways.
This is the picture I only have
In my eyes her dreams are still aspiring with tears
And I can't percept but think of those promises
When we held eachother along the floral rays.
The vision, the esthesis and my presages
Reflecting towards the bluest days,
And I can't stop perceiving the reality wraiths
She will be gone when I'll intimate
That am living up to her dreams alone along the mortal rays.
That was the picture I will live with
It will remind me of the time we had
I will see and I'll frame this
So that I can walk to live up to her dreams.