Written by: Colleen Bono


             Last year was a hard year with 
             alot of bumps in the road.I have
             missed all my souper friends.
             Last April my father,uncle,were
             diagnosed with cancer.They are
             brothers and they found out on
             the same day.I didn't take it well
             and got mad and punched a steel
             beam.I have paid for it ever since.
             My father lost his fight and passed
             away July 30,11.I had to have 3
             surgeries in august on my hand.It
             got a staph infection and was in the
             hospital for 2 weeks and a nursing
             facility for 48 days on IV antibiotics.
             After my dad passed I felt like my
             life was no longer worth living.
             Now I feel I should end my life.
             The date I have chosen is near. I
             hope you all do well on your poetry
             writing.There are a few people on this
             site,you know who you are,I want to
             thank you for everything you have 
             done to help.
             Now I am lost and lonely and ready
             for peace.I hope my poetry legend
             will live on.