Written by: Jack Ross jr.

If I were to write a poem, what should it say? Should it be a dabbling 
of abstract thoughts, a fantasy, a tragedy, a meandering? Should it 
come from my imagination, a charade, an abstract of image, a delusion,
a fabrication? Should it not come from life experiences, lessons learned, 
a guide line, a compass, an anecdote?
The wisdom gained from our experiences in life is the most precious 
of all.
The love, loss, pleasure, pain, sacrifice, struggle, happiness, despair, 
grief, sadness and sorrow are our teachers if we are wise and our
spirit and heart open to receive the knowledge. It is of more
value than diamonds, emeralds, or any other thing of temporal
value. It is a truth, a spring clear and purifying, a well of 
experience, a song in our spirit, a familiar voice. It is a gift, 
a companion, a lesson to teach us humility, a measuring rod showing
us how we have faired compared to our fellow man. It is wings to
lift us up, to open our minds, to compel us to have empathy,
sympathy, to give and help our fellow man. It is love unbound, a
stream overflowing with kindness, compassion, desire to make 
ourselves better and shine so others see the way clearly.