A Cloud Like You

Written by: Sarah Schnatz

Everyday I see your face
And a smile comes to mine
I don't know what I'd do 
Without you by myside 
I'd probably drift into the clouds
Until the feeling subsides
I'd be right there in sheets of white
Waiting for you in the sky
I'd see your face everywhere
Within the fluffy mist
I'd be so close, but there you'd go
Into the blue abyss
Don't drift so soon, my cloudy love
Stay with just one kiss
I know you wouldn't be real
But you'd be something that I'd miss
I'll stay right here on the ground
Where both of us can be
With our feet on the earth below
Among the flowers and the trees
We don't need anything at all
As far as I can see
Just promise if I ever drift
Say you'll go with me