love lost haha

Written by: John Castro

"its better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all" 
everytime i hear this saying it just drives me up the wall 

are you really serious? ... to have loved and lost than to not have loved at all???
it's kind of like saying lets go bowling without the bowling balls 

i cant stand this cliche it really makes me sick 
whoever made this saying up someone please beat them with a stick!!!

it makes no sense to me to speak of love this way 
because if you truly loved someone you would forever always stay 

and what do you mean by "lost"? please reiterate on this word 
the blatant misuse of love is really quiet absurd 

true love is unconditional and can never be misplaced!!!
to say that love can be lost is really a disgrace 

if someone loses love you can be certain they never had it!!! 
because a person who truly loves clings to love like an addict 

a mother who loves her child can never truly lose that feeling 
and to say that love is lost is not at all to me appealing 

the cliche itself it really does stink 
and i really dont care what other people think 

dont try to patronize me and say that true love can be lost 
because jesus died for everyone the passion upon the cross 

even with the passing of someone close to you 
love can not be lost if that love is really true 

so what kind of love do you speak of when you say that love can be lost?
i believe that anyone who uses that cliche is more than a little off