Written by: Charles Gragg

Well we’re hours away from 2012 And the events of 2011 can finally be shelved What surprises await us in the twelve months ahead? Is there something in store that might cause us much dread? I thought and I thought of things we might possibly fear And then it dawned on me, god help us, it’s an election year A whole year of Wolf Blitzer of CNN saying “Thank you for that” And Mitt and Newt continuing their contentious political spat And then Boehner and Pelosi will undoubtedly forever disagree Leaving us with a Congress that can’t see the forest for the trees And what about Obama will he finally get out of his rut? And realize that a real leader must occasionally kick butt Well let’s hope for the best as the clock slowly ticks and ticks 2012 is upon us and this country could really use a quick fix ©Copyright Charlie Gragg December 31, 2011