Of Missing Parts

Written by: Pokey Lanford

Often times, I'd sit and wonder, What life might hold for you.. And you, of course, would understand The reasons why I do. Do you know how much I needed you? Because it's in you, I find.... Those parts of me I need the most, The reasons for the rhyme. So many things I thought I knew.. Until God shared you with me... Now, I've pondered other thoughts, Of life as it's going to be. So these, I'll keep within myself, Since you know where to find, Shadows I'd forgotten about, In corners of my mind.... Mirrored in your eyes I see Reflections of my soul.. Handle please, this heart with care, That piece of me you hold. You, I love, but this you know. If only I now could find a way, To show you just how much I care, God speed that blessed day.