The Knights Tale

Written by: Tony Lane

Sir John the Brave as he is now known for he once slew a dragon, 
Became the champion of the King and protector of his wagon. 

The King it seems had a magic touch that changed his coach to gold, 
And now Sir John is by honor bound to guard it I am told. 

This duty gives Sir John a lot of time to deal with as he pleases, 
To pre-arrange his dalliances by preparing fine wine and cheeses. 

It seems the knight has gained a taste for gourmet food and drink, 
So now all he has to do to get a date is to give a little wink. 

But his one true love is a Lady that keeps him forever waiting, 
He can’t find the way to unlock her heart and it’s getting irritating. 

You’d think a knight of his stature would be considered quite a catch, 
But this Lady keeps him at arms length and it seems he’s met his match.