Small pieces

Written by: Jeena Chacko

Eyes sing, yellow sting,
blue numb, ripe plum
Aunt Julia, Anesthesia,
Toothpaste, closed gate
peeling skin, mannequin
lost lens cap,
footsteps going tap...tap
Perfect days, delirious daze
flirty pink tints
dirty sugar drinks
Honey-tongued *****
Classy seasoned sandwich
Watching the inevitable happen
poor heart - so badly misshapen
Confounding men, confusing women
Matisse, childhood fantasy
Dusty skipping ropes
A cache of mellow hopes
Chalky Christ and Rama
A shoe-box diorama
Soggy paper boats
Heart-shaped holes
Dreamlike turtles on the wall
tailing the white rabbit across the hall
Sprawling, doodles, spilling noodles
Matching book-marks,
fragrant creams and stars.
Cackling crows, twilight glow
At night I escaped over the rainbow.