Written by: Ronald Karzmarczyk

                                     Walking home from school, a six year old boy,
                                     I  played and from a bridge I threw a wood toy;
                                     I quickly ran to the other side, but was stopped,
                                     I forgot to look, to the ground was dropped;
                                     was struck by a car and fell like a ton of lard, 
                                     many bones were broke because I hit so hard;
                                     he picked me up my body was broke like an egg,
                                     saw one foot backward, screamed you broke my leg;
                                     was taken to hospital and put sound to sleep,
                                     when i awoke from the either I felt like a heap;
                                     spent thirteen lonely weeks laying in hospital bed;
                                     when I had no visitors I would cover my head;
                                     under the covers where not one person could see,
                                     I would cry and ask God, why no one loves me;
                                     finally the day came,  I could return to the nest,
                                     the worst life had to offer, i passed the test.