I Wonder

Written by: Pokey Lanford

I Wonder He was just a tiny baby, Who was sleeping in the hay. Given by his Father, To us on Christmas day. Mary, you were chosen, For his mother here to be, As you gently watched over him, This gift to you and me. The wonder of that moment, When you looked into his face, Saw the actual features, And his little hands embraced. Your heart must have had Joy beyond compare, As you picked up tiny Jesus, And into his eyes you stared. I wonder what you saw there, In this little baby’s eyes… I wonder how he toddled, I wonder if he cried. I wonder if the animals Knew he was a King, I wonder of his favorite food, And if He liked to sing. I know you counted fingers, And probably some toes, I wonder to what extent you knew, The gift on us bestowed… I wonder how you marveled Of this miracle of birth, Of the tiny little Savior... God come down to earth. I wonder why He loves me, I wonder why indeed. This little tiny baby... In lives would fill such need. I thank you, precious Jesus, For the gift from you to me. I thank you, Loving Father, For Salvation, full and free. Pokey lanford