Song in my Heart

Written by: Ronald Karzmarczyk

                                            with you my love, life is so very grand, 
                                            as through the days I grasp your hand;
                                            as I lead you down the path of love,
                                            because you were sent from God above;
                                            as I sit and sing you song after song,
                                            I let me know this is where you belong,
                                            then with pen in hand I rhyme silly lines,
                                            as your love for me continues, it shines;
                                            as we go hand to hand and heart to heart,
                                            I know this is the feeling of loves new start;
                                            love me today and love me my tomorrows,
                                            to bring only happiness and never sorrows;
                                            together forever and a day we will be,
                                            truly in love eternally, just you and me.