Sun Heat Effect

Written by: Kaunda Salimu

Listening to an amazing 
piece of jazz music like 
this one/ lead me to 
thinking like I'm the 
one-'leader'/ just want to 
touch the white clouds 
but I can't find the 
ladder/ The sun blazes 
through the clouds/ as  
the wind breezes 
through the avocado 
leaves/ the oxygenated 
leaf air leaves/ my mind 
refreshed/ But like 
temptation are so/ 
destructing so/ is my 
opposite neighbour's 
smoke from burnt 
garbage/ the odour is 
indescribable/ but the 
'eastern sun' jazz beat 
from Sizzle/ makes it 
possible/ for me to 
continue thinking clean. 
My conscience comes into 
play and I remember 
there is only One 'leader'. 
Who was, is, and will be. 
John 1:1. Thank you