Quixotic Quest

Written by: Farshid Rezaee Araghi

The slumber is over…
As weary blindfolds vaporize,
A look may suffice,
To see the rolling dice,
The ice-crunching teeth,
Hides the smirk beneath.

Did I miss the firsts?
The winged chariot is in no hurry!

Twisted threads,
The haunted puppets,
Dancing, strolling by
With the morbid tune
Of white and black keys
Banged on by the wrinkled claws.

Dewy nails and needles,
Piercing my flesh, pinning down my chest,
The loathing-laden spear
Crawls through the side.
Eli, Eli, Lama Sabachthani?

Silence is about to whisper…
Words shalt trouble me no more,
For the kernel of truth,
Too juicy to digest,
Curls up the spine,
And smothers the tongue.
The rest is silence….