Written by: Ronald Karzmarczyk

                                              At last, my love, you will be here,
                                              to bring to me your loving cheer;
                                              to be able to feel your warm touch,
                                              to look at the woman I love so much;
                                              see the beauty in your brown eyes,
                                              and know you never tell me any lies;
                                              to place upon your lips, a gentle kiss,
                                              to let you know, i'll love you like this;
                                              as I go to , my heart is fluttering,
                                              so nervous, my voice is stuttering;
                                              hoping these months have been true,
                                              and not just loneliness coming through;
                                              as we meet, may our hearts become one,
                                              as our love survives each setting sun.