Written by: Tony Lane

A man I know from Kokomo Went to Kalamazoo He took a train then caught a plane To the shores of Timbuktu. A man from Kankakee sailed the sea Looking for buried treasure. In Pango Pango and the Bermuda triangle The search became his pleasure. Then one day as the poets say Their destinies did meet. Choices made and plans were laid Until everything was complete. They’d been told of a chest of gold That was theirs for the taking. The box of cash would be their stash Fortunes were theirs for the making. Then off they trekked but some suspect That the gold will never be found. But push and shove it’s adventure they love They’ll not live all safe and sound. From Timbuktu to Kalamazoo The world belongs to the bold. And across the sea in Kankakee, They don’t bury chests of gold.