Love Given

Written by: Ronald Karzmarczyk

                                                     I don't give you my love,
                                                     like a toy to be discarded;
                                                     but more like a treasure, 
                                                     to be very fondly regarded;
                                                     not to be passed all around,
                                                     as though a sweet tart;
                                                     but rather to be held close,
                                                     become part of your heart;
                                                     should never be exploited, 
                                                     and used for personal gain;
                                                     but in your heart and mind,
                                                     it should always remain;
                                                     should be your bodies blood,
                                                     to always keep you living,
                                                     the reason you give to me,
                                                     the love you are giving.