I want to be the guy

Written by: craig schaber

	I want to be the guy she gives her hoodie to wear & cuddles up next to when it's cold, she'll be the one that comes up behind me wraps here arms around my waist, catches me off guard,& whispers "you look beautiful today" 

When I'm older and my child asks who was my first love,
I don't want to have to pull out the old photo album book,
I want to be able to point across the room and say she's sitting over there 
Dear Tummy, sorry for all the butterflies
Dear pillow, sorry for all the tears
Dear heart, sorry for all the damage
Dear brain, you were right.

Love is like a war. Easy to start Hard to end and impossible to forget.

Don’t give up on those you love. Give them time, give them space, give them love, but don't give them up.


Guys who fight over girls need to get a grip.

I am the author of my life unfortunately I am writing it in pen and can’t erase.

You're my beautiful disaster beautiful little monster. 

Every player has a hater.

Don't play with my heart. It's not a toy ok 

Don't piss me off and you'll be fine.

Life's a game But It’s not always fair.

Ditch me and I will ditch you to.

Don't push me because I am close to the edge.

I could be a jerk, friendly or just your worst nightmare. You choose.

I'm not the type of guy who does say "I love you," and don't mean it.
When I say "I love you," I’m going to love you forever no matter what. If I could describe love in one word I’d probably say PATHETIC.
Enough said. I'm not single.
Not ready to mingle. So don't ask me out. What kind of girls I date great smile, funny, cute, and a good personality.
I don't like those types of girls who date me just to get their ex jealous.