Friendships are the best ships to keep

Written by: Leanne Perks

Friendship means everything to me,
It would be a sad existance without
good friends to care for and spend
quality time with.

Friends make life more bareable when 
problems arise they are there to
really show they care and sympathise,
sometimes they may do this and not even
realise, that makes the friendship
more special&meaningful.

It is something to be treasured & valued aswell
as maintained as there is so much more
to gain, not in a selfishway
it is to give that brings the most joy to your heart
when you give of yourself in every part.
It gives a sense of happiness when you give
to help make others lives more full-filling
and happier it enriches and refreshes
and most of all strenghthens and deepens
the friendship bond.

May we show others how much we care
by having a caring attitude and always
available to be there for our friends when
they need us the most a true friend
is something worth the boast.