I Will Survive

Written by: Leanne Perks

I know I can and will survive the rest of 
my life, altho had some difficult
situations to face that caused much
pain and frustration.

I have learnt to deal with them and cope
and it has made me a stronger person
than I ever have been or so it

Sometimes I think of all the things I've
had to deal with and it often seems
unreal now like it was all a dream.

I keep my chin up and smile to all I meet
I am a happy person and upbeat
that is the way I am and love to be
as this is who I am this is me.

It makes life more barable to be positive and
joyful and definatley helps to keep it
from be miserable & dull despite
lifes problems I can still have a bright outlook 
and be happy
with a giggly smile that makes
my life all the more worth while 
especially when I can spend it with 

my most trusted friends 
I love them to
the end as on each of them I can depend
when my heart needed to mend their love they
always send and there to lend a helping
hand when I was falling into a deep
hole of quick sand figuritvely speaking
my friends are my treasure that I will
cherish for all time and forever!