Lonely I sit

Written by: Kaila B.A

Lonely I sit
Looking at the sky that turned to gray
Memories are passing by like a broken wheel that took me to a diffrent way
Lonely I sit
I can see but there is a cover on my eyes
I can breath but something is cutting me in to a slice
Lonely I sit 
There is a big hole in me that the air can go through
There is an emptiness inside that turns my blood from red to blue
Lonely I sit
There is something in my brain that just wouldn't let go
And keeps me thinking if (What IF) could ever be true
Lonely I sit
There is a volcano burning my soul
A rage with no reason that makes me angry at all
Lonely I sit
I look at the window and there is just a reflection of my own
That makes me think of how lonely it is to be alone
Then the sun shines on my window with a ray of hope
Then the morning dews make their sounds of drops
Then the sunny sleepy smile is drawn of my face
That makes me think about the sweet lovely days