The Gift

Written by: Stephan McBride

There are many gifts that are flashy to the eyes
that will bring joy for the moment
only to age and remain in this land
so one could keep searching for a newer version
that comes and goes
receiving the emptiness it withholds 
Yet there is One that shall remain
you can not wrap it
for it shall be placed within 
and illuminate its way out
there is no price tag beyond reach
for it has been paid for and offered freely
to fulfill ones soul beyond what 
we can  imagine
For God gave the greatest gift
nothing can compare
To the Love shown
To send His Son to fulfill his word 
defeating the captivity in bondage of sin
He willingly laid down His life as the Gift
Of giving only wanting in return 
For One to believe to receive life
Loving us more than ourselves
for we do not know Love until knowing Jesus
To allow Him to hold your hand
giving one the only exit off the wide road
Receiving the Gift of the Holy Spirit
putting a deposit down
claiming one belongs to Him
creating through his grace
a new living creature 
refining one with new guidance and vision
to guide one down the narrow path
The Gift that gives us light to walk upon
and separate one from a dark deceived world
that we might walk in the shadows of death
In hope that we through him might lead one to 
the greatest Gift