Written by: Carolyn Dye

           Man was put on his earth to love his woman. yet things happen and we both stray. My search starts with something I call love everlasting.Where you and your mate hold on tight and go for the ride call life. love everlasting. through the joys andpains, ups and downs. we make it together and never fall. love everlasting. being true to our words and our vowels. Love everlasting touched by God my heart opens to you. never let me down or let me fall or run away. love everlasting. true to your words no games being played. Love everlasting. plain and simple truth always be told. Love everlasting. you now own my heart and my soul. love everlasting. for us to always be true you for me and me for you. Love everlasting. is what I've prayed for and now have found.