Written by: Ronald Karzmarczyk

                                                 The only thing i have worth giving,
                                                 Is the thing that keeps me still living;
                                                 but I will surrender everything to you,
                                                 If you promise to love me all life through;
                                                 you have my soul that you so desire,
                                                 you have my body, that you set on fire;
                                                 you have my lips and all of my kisses,
                                                 and my love for you is what this is;
                                                 all of my mind and all of my dealings,
                                                 for you my emotions are all my feelings;
                                                 so now I give you my prized possession,
                                                 and may it never become an obsession;
                                                 I give it to you as life's new start,
                                                 here is my love, here is my heart.