An Angel In Waiting

Written by: Juanita Warden

:      As she sang her song she looked all around
         Angels in Heaven did she surround
     They flew in and out, through Heaven's doors
         They were busy doing, Gods daily Chores'.
      She wanted to be an Angel, an Angel with wings
         She wanted to do all of God's daily things
     "I want my wings now" she said, with a sigh
        " I have waited and waited, I want to fly"
     The Angel with blonde hair was sitting nearby
        "You have to walk darling, before you can fly.
      Wings, my Dear you have to earn.    
         There is so much more, you have yet to learn.
     Up here in heaven we take our time.
         Slowly and surely we make the climb.
     You have forever to get your wings,
         For now, my dear, we need you to sing.
     Your sweet voice is what is needed to greet
         The new souls that are entering Heavens' Retreat.
     At first they are lost until they find their way
         That's why we need you here, singing everyday.
      Your sweet voice tells them they are here with God.
        Its makes them feel welcome and safe inside. 
      So see, My Dear, you are needed right here
          To welcome them all, with your good smiling cheer".: