The Precious Gift

Written by: Sidney Hall Mad Poet

I remember the day as if it were yesterday,
The snowfall was heavy, we sat and watched it
We hadn’t spoken for god knows how long
Days would go by, me reading and she would knit

But that day we were both in silence, watching, waiting,
This was the only time we weren’t arguing, debating
Then I solemnly rose and went out in the snow
To rescue wood for the fire

And the snow...she lay
What we could not have, longed for and desired
I picked her up, she was shivering and moaning
I placed her in my jacket and carried her
While I listened to her heavenly groaning

My wife who seemed spiritless came alive
When she laid eyes on her
And fussed “place her near the fire,”
I watched my wife gently clean her, delighted from the faint murmur.

It was half an hour when her little eyes open
She was terrified to see us
“Where is mum and dad?”
She calmed as my wife continued her motherly fuss
It was as if she belonged
As if she was ours
We gave her the gifts we bought for the one we could not have
And watched her open then up, we could have watched her for hours.

My wife brought out the huge turkey
We had the best Christmas feast
And finished with double helpings
Of six different ice cream, a special treat.

Then... the knock on the door
I answered it, the police with an old woman and man
“We looking for a little girl, her parents were killed in an accident
And she was in the car when it was hit by a van

Our angel came to the door, 
Then ran out and hugged her grand parents
We kissed her good bye 
And gave her all the presents

It was a year since we saw her,
We both sat in silence watching the snowfall
Then a knock at the door which broke our trance
And there she was with her grandparents, a lady now no longer small...