Christmas Gifts

Written by: Michael Degenhardt

Tinsel of silver

And ribbon of red

Children were nestled

Asleep in their beds

Or, were they just faking

When we tiptoed past

To set up for morning

We had to work fast


The times were so different

It was then, they believed

In the jolly man, Santa

And his flight on the Eve

So many little gifts

Set in piles so neat

Just waiting for morning

And the sounds of their feet


But, now since they’re older

The truth, we’ve confessed

I’d expect them to understand

And ask, then, for less

The prices grew so high

For the presents desired

Yet, they still want so many

Though the cost is much higher


The wallets are emptied

And bank accounts bare

No raises or bonuses

There’s nothing to share

Yet, deep down within us

Neatly wrapped and so sure

Are the gifts, so worth giving

The gifts that are pure


There’s no gift receipt

Nor can it not fit

If one would receive

They’d not return it

They’d smile upon opening

And offer theirs back

The one gift of Christmas

Is the one that most lack


Let love and forgiveness

Be the gifts by the tree

There are really so many

Who need this to be

They wait in their darkness

For anyone with light

So share love with so many

On Christmas morning and night


Within all you givers

Are the gifts you’ll receive

The true meaning of Christmas

By the child conceived

Merry Christmas!