Same Old Sad Story

Written by: Ali Akl

Everyday is just another sad story
Where tiny things kill all your glory
But can we ever get rid of this routine?
Can we actually be that keen?
You wake up, always too tired to move
Nothing seems to get you in the groove
Your work is always late and delayed
No one tries to come to your aid
Your constantly depressed, no reason
Maybe because its the cold season
Or just that your best friend left
Fate was successful in its theft
Maybe your loved one doesn't notice you
That's why you feel so sad and blue
Or just that you're scared of opinions
Thinking that they're the devils minions
But you must now that you are but one
Just a person, shit happens to everyone
So just accept the fact and don't fight
Don't waste all your might
Yes its true, its a huge pain
But there's a lesson to gain
You need not to worry
There is no same old sad story