The Curse

Written by: Sidney Hall Mad Poet

The wire mesh gauntlet made an unusual whistling sound,
Before making contact with the old man’s face.
The power invested in the swing was evident by the distance,
He flew, which possessed a certain element of grace.

Blood splattered all over the jester, who mimicked the action,
Of the king’s beaten subject.
The clown laughed and rolled on the floor portraying the
Events with foolish special effects

The king rose to his feet and tightened his grip on the gauntlet;
It made a crunching raspy sound
Red faced he ordered “Take him away, beat him, then cut off his head.”
The guards lifted the old man, like a limp rag doll from the ground,
The king shouted “Not him the Clown you fools.”
They picked up the jester and dropped the old man with a thud of a sound

He called his trusty knights and made a decree, “Like this iron hand,”
“Scourge the curse from our land,”
“Kill every witch may it be woman, child or man”
Show no mercy until the curse is lifted to its end and from whence it began”

A year past and the curse was rife,
It exercised its power claiming a multitude of life.
The knights returned at the king’s request
“ Me Lard our efforts were extinguished, we tried our best”

“Your subjects await outside the walls,”
A great rebellion which cry, “Today the king shall fall.”
“The weak the strong, great and small,”
“Your merciless scourge in the land, for this it is your blood that they call.”

The king called for the old man a prophet,
And asked the origin of this curse.
“It has grown powerful throughout my land,”
“Now speak up old man least you die by my hand.”

The old man smiled a toothless grin,
“The curse is not out there.”
“It is here with in,”
“The curse is you my king, by your blood I swear.”

The crowd smashed the fortified doors,
and stood before the king,
“His blood is required,”
Their voices in unison did sing.

The Knights, heavily armoured stood before the crowd,
As one of them read the kings decree out loud.
An as he did so, the others circled the king,
And executed the decree, and its final sting.

They beat the king till every bone was broke,
Then cut off his head,  the crowd cheered as they heard his head gasp and choke...