Written by: Tochukwu Ipere

You are the midwife of a land full of promises
The nation is spread-eagled on the delivery table
Letting out cries of painful expectation and labour
Prompting prayers and supplication for the new world

For three decades and for four you have been judged
To be the benchmark of qualification to serve the nation
In modern corporations and state wise civil works
In grapevine and apple-vine courts of principled bias

For four decades and for five you have been expected
To be the independent crop of people united in peace
To be the economic pioneer of elephant strides attending
To be the giant of Africa and democratic shepherd

For three tenures and for four you have been civilized
By democratic cultures and apples of good expectation
By judicial interventions and constitutional advocacy
By developing human rights and tricks of the new world

For three camps of orientation and for four indeed
You have been called up to serve the nation for good
Even when you have been doctored in foreign lands
Even though the ages tell the truth of the agents of peace