Written by: joy bohland

Found your note 
that you wrote
May eighteenth
while on the plane.
Said maybe its irrelevant
but you went on ahead
I'm glad you did...

Said you feel
connected to me
and I remember 
tears filling up your eyes
as I told you of my life
last April.
People can't fake that...

Said you dreamed
all about me
and where I'll go from here.
Let me know when you figure it out.

You said we're just alike,
people want to protect us,
shield us
and maybe we allow it
but deep down we don't need it.

You say I deal while 
having terrible dignity
and strength.
I could just about kiss your hand as thanks.
Felt no one noticed.
You did.
You said I'm without complaint and graceful.
I...I...what do I say? Wow.
Felt no one cared.
You do.
What are we? What are we?

You are strong.
You are beautiful.
You are Gold
and I thank you.
From the depths of my heart,
I thank you.