WHAT would U DO

Written by: jeffry cohan


What if?
What if I said I’m fuc*ING finished doing it all?
What if I said I won’t be there to pick you up when you fall?
Or heed your holler whenever you call?
What if I say I surrender and admit it’s all to much
Remembering things, reminding you of things and such
What if the passion of your kisses aren’t worth the pain?
What if I said you are robbing me of cells within my brain?
What if I said take your problems and tell them to anyone except for me?
What if I said I want to take what little I have left and flee?
What if I said by your side is no longer where I belong?
What if I said that which once felt so right now feels so wrong?
What if I said that when we met I didn’t know what loving you would entail??
What If I said you take that highway and I’ll take a different trail?
What if, one morning I awoke and said that now I was absolutely sure
With complete certainty I ain’t taking it anymore?
What if I said I’m done waking up each dawn only to cry?
What if?
What if I said goodbye?
                                         2011.….PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~