remember THE ember by the genius that is FREE CEE

Written by: jeffry cohan

Before you pray for me I shall arrive
Knocking at your door thanking God I’m alive
I’ll be standing at your front door on the second story
There shall I stand in all my glory

After you hoped  for my arrival to come
We’ll share a pitcher of love and a bottle of rum
I’ll light a fire with kindling of kindness
And there shall we sit ending years of anger and blindness

Blind to what we both knew was sure to be real
Sitting by fading embers returning what time came to steal
I once walked out with footsteps of anger aflame
With the thief of dispute for both of us to blame

After the light dims on the fire we started
Neither of us will ever again be broken hearted
For I shall never again return to your door to grieve
Because never again shall I opt to leave
   © 2011.…..PHREEPOETREE ~free cee the poetic genius