Loves Worth

Written by: Ronald Karzmarczyk

                                         My love wants you here, now , but I wait,
                                         I think, I dream and I contemplate;
                                         what in the world do I have to offer, 
                                         what do I have worthwhile in my coffer;
                                         but alas, my coffer is empty,dry as a bone,
                                         to give you your worth,I must get a loan;
                                         then i think, I don't need tangible things,
                                         my love for you is so true that it rings;
                                         I will give to you my heart and all my love.
                                         the most treasured prize from God above;
                                         it is more valuable than any object on earth,
                                         and I give it to you, for all it is worth;
                                         it is yours to have, hold, cherish and care,
                                         as soon together we'll have our love to share.