The Prayer

Written by: Ronald Karzmarczyk

                                             The day is quickly approaching, 
                                             on your life I will soon be encroaching;
                                             as you awaken each lovely morning,
                                             there I will be without giving warning;
                                             you will believe that I am a part of you,
                                             because baby, I will be stuck like glue;
                                             I will be in your life and in your soul,
                                             to be with you always my daily goal;
                                             to have you so close, that we can touch,
                                             because it's you my heart loves so much;
                                             to never be apart and never to miss,
                                             the sound of your voice, feel of your kiss;
                                             together to be at work and at play,
                                             with you forever and ever is what I pray.