Mary did you know

Written by: Valerie Sherman

He laid down his head thankfully upon a bed of straw
Mary his mother softly caressing his head, singing him to sleep
His father Joseph eyeing the sheep, cows, and other guest there
While the sound of "Messiah"  blows through the crisp night air.
Mary did you know?

Not one trumpet blared as the Messiah was manger born
The sounds of maternal birth pains followed by an angelic cry
No children singing, no bells ringing, not one parade in sight
To announce that the Savior, Jesus, was born this very night

Mary, did you know? 
Yours that was seen as the least... is really the most?
Your manger born Messiah- appeared from the right hand of God
The  crucifiers saw him with hatred, that's what they wished to see
Was the grown up baby Jesus....that would soon deliver me..
Mary, did you know?