Destined To Fail

Written by: Ali Akl

I hate myself, I really truly do
Oh my friend! trust me it is true
For I'm the worst person alive
I no longer want to survive
No matter how hard I try
I always fall, I don't know why
Maybe I have disease and I'm sick
Or I'm just a screwed up prick
I really want someone to explain
Why is it that I feel so much pain?
Why can't I ever stand tall?
Continuously tripping, fall after fall
I'm limited to my painful prison
I struggle with my blurry vision
When and will I ever recover?
Or to this misery, there is no other?
No matter how many times I fly
I always fall on my back and die
Dying inside day after day
Fate, something I can't dismay
I wonder, how will I ever prevail
When I'm eternally destined to fail