Her encounter with a paedophile

Written by: Red Fiery

She was tender and fragile...
till She met this paedophile.
the evil had just landed
never to be caught red-handed.
His fantasies were little girls
... he loved crushing those beautiful pearls..
with his dirty male appendages...
she screemed in silence
and resisted that violence
20 yrs have passed...
how she was beign harassed
in no news channel it was ever broadcast...
that fear in her heart
distanced her and she fell apart..
i hope when you read this
 still love her with a kiss..
life teaches us to be strong
how to play the same tune and song...
if you're tortured and abused
and a voice you never used
he will visit you again..
to inflict the pain...

Copyright @ REDfiery 2011, December