Until I Find My Way Back

Written by: Paula Swanson

As shadows loom within my mind,
I fight to keep out family.
Afraid of what it is I'll find,
perhaps, someone less, than was me.
Never to have again, normalcy.

You refuse to be left behind,
you fight for me, none to gently.
Opening doors I have lined,
with fear, lost trust, lock and key.
With understanding, you set me free.

I will accept the cup, of offered kind.
Rejoice in happy memories.
Realize I was existing, blind,
in something less than reality.
Like a photo, faded and grainy.

I'll sip the calm and just unwind,
let go of what's shading me.
I'll find all that I left in time.
My destination, I can see.
Now, I need to start the journey.

For the contest; English Quintain
Sponsored by Francine Roberts