The Dead Winter

Written by: Gwendolen Rix

The Dead Winter (A bio of a Jewish girl’s tender soul) Abigail~ “Her Father’s Joy” Artistic kindergartner, honest, emotional, mischievous Big brown eyes Sister of Aaron, Daughter of Rosa and Shoen Lover of riding her tricycle, playing with dolls Who fears starvation, separation, severe cold Now, merely skin and bones… Heart beating faster than a locomotive Crammed into a cattle car heading to Auschwitz Her miniature teeth chattering amidst the sounds of wailing Jews Starvation distorts the echoes of the screeching train The stench of decomposing neighbors overtakes her Too dehydrated to shed a tear Nazi floodlights pierce her once beaming eyes Her dreams soon to be disinfected Vapors escape her brittle bleeding lips Fragile flesh iced as it adheres to the cattle car’s steel bars Afraid of being separated from her family once again Clinging tightly to the frozen fabrique of her grandmother’s prayer shawl All hope is lost… Her innocence is punished How could she be the eternal enemy of the Fuerher? She’ll never know Through the bitter cold and the foul smelling snow mixed with human ashes The beauty of an emerging crocus fades A scent never to be fully realized… Abigail, “Her Father’s Joy” Written for Sidney Lee Ann's Contest~ Dead Winter by Gwendolen Rix 12-10-11