Written by: sarah seraphin


Returning from the nightclub; in San Francisco for the weekend; sharing a suite

Within the eighth floor highrise; best of friends for many years; hidden secret

Emotions; always present and ever felt; beauty, but both of us to shy to share

Until this glorious evening in an innocent dance; she whispered into my dreams...

Closing the door quickly behind us; joyfully removing one another dresses until

We were both bare; reaching for my yearning breast to touch; I gasping for air

Beautiful her caress; pulling her close to taste her lips in, the deepest french kiss

Time stood still and everything became perfect; laying her gently atop the pillows

Her silkened hair as a glittering goddess; always loving her, but I did not dare...

Kissing the nap of her neck; slowly sliding down her velvet treasure; sweet pleasure

In rose petals of perfume; filling our senses amid desires, longing to be set free

Bathed within these showers our destiny; soothing rain yet burning in these veins

Gliding her fingers through my hair; the vanilla scent inside, her creamful thighs...

Arching unto the sky her cry sliding, my tongue into her love; swirling and twirling

The colours of utopia as she quivered and shook; clutching tighter my heart; soft

Whispers once more, into my dreams; turning off the lights; a new day dawning

Warmth inside her arms; tasting my lips calling her name; evermore, her beauty...


..."SoulMates" *