The Undead

Written by: Leighann Anderson

Every night the land is
consumed by darkness, the
only light is provided by
the distant moon and stars
that seem to shimmer almost
Still life remains present
even within the smallest of
Innocence seems to pollute
the air like some sort of
noxious gas, choking the
lungs of the most whispered
of creatures.
Out of the darkness shadows
are born, they follow every
living thing, like a parasite
ready to infect.
Strangely they are not part
of the earth for they are
nothing but the essence of
jealousy, hatred and evil.
They bare marks of their
dreaded nature upon their
dead and waxy skin that
shimmers like water in
the night.
They have no face, only
opaque eyes and canine 
teeth exist that can
tear limb from limb.
Myths and legends sprung
around them makes them
deadly and uncouth but
still they follow in 
our shadows.
They are the undead,
morbid creatures of 
darkness, forever
in our wake ready
to steal our most
precious gift that
flows through our veins,
that gift is life,
given to us by our
Mother, then yet Mother
nature has a dark side
for monsters of the night
are born from the very
darkness she provides.
The undead – demons of
the night, unseen and