Written by: Leighann Anderson

Water, air, earth and fire,
they are all elements of life.
Secrets, lies and jealousy,
they are all creations of human nature.
Myths, legends and the common rumour,
they are all creations of imagination.
Then yet what are reflections?
Are they just a mirror image or are
they something more mystical? 
Human nature is overshadowed by
lack of honesty; lies
are the make-up of betrayal,
dark shadows overhang by our 
beds creating nightmares within 
our resting minds.
But still our reflections show
nothing of who and what we truly
are; our souls lay stagnant, like
spoiled water where insects roam.
Each cast of our reflection the 
mirror sours for we are rarely
true to ourselves and thus the 
reflection becomes cursed; un-restful
and feared.
Soon our souls become trapped within
the layers of dishonesty, they scream
like phantoms in a musky lake,
forever reaching out but always
hitting a transparent layer of
Until we are true to ourselves
our reflections will never cast
light upon this earth for our
souls will never find redemption
unless we allow ourselves to truly
be seen by all.
Mystical and forbidding.