The Stranger Within Us All

Written by: steven cooke

As the sun goes down
The feral cat’s prowl 
Looking for mice, searching for rats
In the alley, bins full of out of date
And yesterday’s wrapping.
A tribute to Consumerisms detritus

On the ground a smiling face
Colonel Sanders, blocking a stagnant drain.
Slowly freezing as the frost descends, 
And up above the stars shine their scorn, upstaged
By the moon, seeking to unveil,
The cities vermin
Residents of the night.

The thief fox, screeches’ his indifference
At the stray dog, licking the remnants of last night’s kebab
And in the shadows behind the skips,
In a cardboard den
A pair of eyes glares across the alley
Seeking forgiveness that is not there,

From within this frail kingdom
A tiny light appears,
A fragment of hope, the start of a happy ending
 But no, it is a tab end fading
For the last drag has been taken
And the last can of comfort is now empty

And while we sit down to watch TV
To marvel at Attenborough’s view
To see the blue planet and the leopard seals kill
And "ahh" at polar bears, and gorillas in Brazil
All neatly packaged by nature’s quill.

Oblivious to the view outside
Beyond the living room window
A man will not wake

For when the dawn releases this night’s chill
He will be found, taken away,
Sanitized by his black body bag
Anonymous to this world

For we do not want to know
As we did not in life
A stain on the community
One less beggar to avoid

But look in the mirrors spell
And dare to What if?
You lost your job and your wife ran off
Your child was gone and your house taken away
Your mind now broken, 

Fear of humanity is but a step,
The comfort of being alone
 Led you down this dark alley.
The rat, and the fox your allies
For they too fear mans footsteps

Think on for I do not preach
Nor do I wish to teach
But remember Attenborough’s planet,
And the wonder of life
I did not see the animals behave this way,
Only mutual survival

Are we less than that we see?
Are we too busy or too proud?
I see no mourners here, only indifference
And when I die I wish for no mourners too.

Jon doe, your maker will mourn for you
And relative’s dead will feel your pain
And perhaps one day your community 
 Will learn to mourn for a stranger
For we are all strangers, when we look the other way
May you find peace Sir, whoever you may be?