Christmas did, Eternal gift

Written by: Sneha Agarwal

Whole year waited for that day
Its around the corner so near
What i promised to my heart
wish to anyhow fulfill my part

I matter not much in fact at all
Always hold her beyond my fall
My love learned to smile in pain
Eternal happiness she may gain

Eve is near with whispers around
Ah! Am left with so fewer pounds
Let go my passion for love true
Her desires do give me life anew

Arrives the night of pure exchange
Wondrous love let her desire change
Why? Why?Only for me only for me
Both forgo to bring the inner glee

It is Christmas festivity with a bliss
True love and life for other self wish
Not an ordinary present was that
Gift of the Magi our hearts truly felt...

Inspired by a tale on Christmas- The gift of Magi