Turth, Is It Nonsense or Not

Written by: Val Flores

The best kind of true stories are those unwritten. 
Time after time, there are people who tend to rely on books to tell truth.
These individuals should be able to take a persons’ word for it. 
However, it doesn’t work that way. 
The reason is there have been lies that have been told and spread by word of mouth which is why many lives are torn between the realm of the truth when it’s been spoken rather than written.
But, even then ones’ words or the pages of a book can be false.
 So, it really shouldn’t matter if ones’ mind escapes into the fantasy or reality world. 
The main point is, the decision relies on the readers and hearers. 
Whether, to believe what the truth is. 
In the end, what matters is the proof that truths are really what some things are in life. Will people ever really decide what is true or false?