Seriem - Succession

Written by: Leighann Anderson

The land is bare;
hard rock and exposed outcrops 
lay open, like the pages of
an unread book for the story
of time is beheld by every
grain contained within.
Time passes slowly and the
land remains the same but
seeds of invaders are slowly
being transported into this
barren land.
The seeds embed themselves
into this dark and sombre
rock that was created when
the Earth was young. 
Rain falls onto the dry and
lonesome rock causing the 
seeds to transform into
sprouts that begin to widen
the tiniest of cracks as their
roots extend.
Every spring the sprouts become
plants that flower, catching
the essence of irony; even the
gloomiest places can capture
Slowly the land becomes
invaded by many others but
still remain the smallest of
creations for the earth itself
is not to everyone’s taste.
As the plants grow and die the
ragged earth becomes blackened
with the very chemistry of life.
Gradually the plants become
bigger overshadowing the primary
invaders but still they rule the
very earth for without them the 
soil of the earth would only
provide for little time.
As height increases so does the
need for food and light for the
building blocks of simple sugars
are created by the elements of
the cosmos.
As time passes the soil becomes
thickened by past life and thus
trees take root, extending their
worm-like systems deep into the
earth in search of water and
earthly gases to feed their
inner workings.
This is the process of succession
rarely seen for it is overlooked 
by many; a whole new world lies
beyond our line of sight,
releasing the very essence of
life itself.