The Wall Between Us

Written by: Genevieve Farese

I could only look at you,
I could only reach out my hand. 
We can only drown ourselves in each other`s loving gaze,
Embraces and kisses; only in our dreams.

A colossal, imposing, invisible wall
Stands between our passion.
I stand from my balcony
And I look down at you but not on you.

The wind brings my tears to you,
my whispers and my pains.
Not even a word to each other,
Your charming smile brings me more joy than any other jewel.

We pass by each other, 
yet your head you have to lower in front of me.
Oh how I long to see your eyes so close,
To run my fingers through your hair.

Without words, without actions
only through gazes and smiles
we affirm our love
to declare undying, honest ardour.

How I wish that I could break down this wall,
tear off this veil & cross this shore.
Into your arms I long to be,
I wish I had such valour.