Mystic Creatures

Written by: Ian Howard

I was drawn to another world,
there a gentle light shone out.
A beautiful girl stood waiting,
gazing at the lava rocks around.

A formation so strange to me,
where I could see ages gone by.
Here I could only think not talk,
“This is usual to do you see”

"Hello young lady how are you"?
I sent to her with a loving thought.
"Where are we, that you are alone"?
“Why are you in this dreary place”?

Her light brought a tear to my soul
as she replied, with sorrow clinging
"I am the spirit of this great Dragon"
Sending the creature’s picture to me

I realised what my vision was.
There on the ground he lay,
The grey lava rocks his life form
A mighty Dragon of a bygone day

Had I looked from a distance.
It would have made sense
The lava rock head and neck
All parts of such a wondrous creature

I looked further to see more.
An arch glistened with rainbow suns,
were the wings with which it flew,
a crumpled heap catching the dew

Scattered shield shaped scales,
dreamed of colours swelled
I felt a great sadness at this sight,
turned to the girl to ask why

It came to me with love,
from mystic ages gone by,
that she was the his spirit
with her dragon she did fly

This was my Dragon,
together we had flown
I was his spirit guide
thought you would have known

Such a long, long, time ago
"Why then"? I sent to her,
“Is this mighty creature so”?
Thoughts aren’t sent any more

Earth creatures have let us go.
"We of the Spirit flying so free,
Held by the thoughts of you,
can’t you see, you make us be

Creatures of our Spirit land.
are calling out to be reborn.
The Phoenix and lovely Unicorn,
held in mind for all to know.

“Now leave me with him as I must go,
I have to search for a new Spirit so"
I left the young lady as she did say
Re-crossing back to my own day

I thought things she had said to me,
they cannot be left in memory.
There on this day I vowed,
to see more clear the creatures there.

I thought of a mighty dragon,
a spirit girl guiding his great form.
This was the day he was reborn
I renewed the creatures in the spirit so.

That they are of eternal breed,
a great light came on for me,
as in their world they were made
that they now will forever be

A voice so soft, with love so free,
flowed into my thoughts to thank me