Wasted Years

Written by: Lukasz Walterowicz

in an internal world,
within your mind,
into which 
no one can enter;
all alone
with your feelings
and ideas,
yourself in centre;

Having the feeling
of an individual being,
the power to control
the external world,
to deal
with all trouble
just by yourself,
as if 
you never need
anyone else...

You cannot be more wrong.

You isolate yourself
from the external world
afraid of people to hurt you
you do not leave your room.

Afraid of failure
you do not give a try;

No people around you:

No one to hurt you
No one to share joy,

No one to disturb you
No one to ally in sorrow,

No one to argue with
No one to speak to;

No emotions
you express

No memories
you possess

With loneliness
you are obsessed.

In solitude
and madness
your internal world
slowly kills you,
brings your
empty life
to a miserable end.

Failure hurts less
than a wasted chance.